Sunday, 11 December 2011


While this address was originally and is mostly activated to freezer compartments, it can additionally be acclimated for refrigerator compartments.

A accumulated refrigerator/freezer which applies self-defrosting to the freezer alcove alone is usually alleged "partial frost free", while one which additionally applies it to the refrigerator alcove is alleged "total frost free" or "total no frost". The closing appearance an air affiliation amid the two compartments, with the air access to the refrigerator alcove adapted by a damper. This way, a controlled allocation of the dry and beginning air advancing from the activating cooling aspect amid aural the freezer can ability the refrigerator.

Some newer refrigerator/freezer models accept congenital cyberbanking sensors that adviser how abounding times anniversary aperture is opened and could additionally boilerplate the aperture accessible time which will automatically acclimatize defrost scheduling, thereby optimizing ability use

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